Winds of Change


Below and above

I see a peaceful crossing

As the winds of change reveal an 

angelic presence

A ray of hope in the floating light

The clouds dance in the Cimarron 

sky beckoning me to the distant


This is my morning walk into





Cloud Touch


We share the space

The light below

The softest touch

Echoes our path


Golden Fields


My heart is like the golden fields of this beautiful land

A land of democracy

A land of the republic gone awry

To the beautiful colors of reds, whites and blues as in a sunset not quite upon us

I shutter for tomorrow as I may awaken to a new world turned upside down.

The golden fields of my heart cry out to our citizens

Pay attention!  Our liberties may be taken from us.

Our lives, as we know it, will no longer exist.

We may be just pawns in a struggle for power

as to quote, "The likes of which we have never seen before."

He is an infant of politics

He who thinks no one can do better than himself

The grand narcissist the autocrat

Now elected to commander in chief.

Into the Light


I walk into the light

Free willing

The light calls me to it's bosom

There is a place beyond

Warm inviting and nourishing like a mother's tit

Unconditional love

Nothing to fear

Is this the divine plan?