Abstracted Landscapes

Hello My Friends,

I have been working over the winter with a more abstract methodology.  I have been using very few brushes but have taken to mark making with a spatula - yes, that is right, a spatula from my kitchen.  Of course I don't use the spatula anymore for cooking!  It has helped me loosen up and get more energetic with my mark making and forms.  I am working from a plein air study and have many of them to use.  It is sort of exhilarating and has helped me to be less inhibited.  I like it.  Also some very cool "happy accidents" occur.  I have about 5 more for you to take a look at so go to my website and check them out under the new category, "Abstract Landscapes".

Hope all of you will be having a wonderful summer.  I am looking forward to warmer weather.

My Best,


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